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  • What is Virgin Hair?
    Virgin hair is hair that has not been dyed, bleached, permed, straightened or chemically treated in any way.
  • How do you care for Virgin Hair?
    You should care for your extensions just as you would your very own. Wash and condition it regularly. We don't recommend blow drying but allowing it time to air dry instead. Try to braid your hair up at night, be sure to tuck it in a scarf or bonnet of some sort.
  • Should I wash my unit or extensions before installing?
    Yes, it is highly recommended to wash and condition hair before wearing. Try washing the hair every two weeks and co-washing (conditioning only) in between. We also recommend sealing the wefts. This process can help limit any shedding if there is any at all. If you ordered custom colored hair, we recommend co-washing prior to installing to ensure that there is no color bleeding from the dye process. Bright colors tend to take 2-3 washes in cool water before bleeding stops completely. It is recommended that you use cold to cool water to seal the hair cuticles. For a faster resolution, an apple cider vinegar rinse helps to speed the process of complete dye removal.
  • Can I bleach and/or color Natural 1B Hair?
    Yes, the hair can be dyed/bleached since it is virgin hair. However, keep in mind that you must care for the hair as if it were your own. Remember to deep condition frequently when coloring or bleaching. It is important to keep the hair moisturized and well protected to ensure no breakage occurs after bleaching.
  • How many bundles do I need for a full sew-in?
    For hair 18 inches and up, 3 bundles of hair are recommended for a full sew-in to ensure a full look. For hair under 18 inches, two bundles of hair can be used. For people working with 22 inches or longer, they should consider purchasing four bundles of hair. Many of our customers purchase different lengths for natural layering (ex. 18", 20", & 22"). Be sure to consult with your stylist as well, as many have their own beliefs and techniques when working with extensions.
  • What density do I need for a full custom wig look?
    If not specified, all of our wig units are made at 150% density (2.5 bundles and a closure or frontal) If you would like a more full look, we recommend paying additonal fees to receive your custom unit at 180% density (3 bundles and a closure or frontal) For clients ordering hair 26"- 40" we recommend paying additonal fees to receive your custom unit at 200% density (4 bundles and a closure or frontal) For our clients who like a more natural look, we recommend asking for 130% density but only for units 10"-18". Rarely do we make units over 18" at 130% density because the quality and thinness of the unit would not look most satisfactory to our brand.
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